Strategy, Tactics, and the User Experience

The notion of strategy vs. tactics is a bit messy. Before I dive too deep into the semantics in the form of a full blog post, I wanted to post the results of a little mental exercise. Working with the strictest definitions of strategy and tactics I built out a matrix with the definition of the terms, activities in each category, and the roles or disciplines that fit in them. I am beginning to think that everything I do is about some flavor of tactics. While I haven’t fully formed an opinion, the diagram below represents where my head is at the moment.

Feedback, comments, and dialogue would be most welcome.

click for a larger view


  1. I agree with your definitions. I, too, do mostly tactics. But I’m one of the (per Jared Spool’s Hands vs Brain definition) rare people who prefers tactics to strategy. Explain the strategy to me and get out of my way :)

  2. I like this. Working on a longer post?

  3. Hey Austin – Yep. It is in draft. Once my project load slows, I’ll get back to it.